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Gypsy Ghosts

Old Warriors

Through a Tiger's  Eyes

Greed of Mankind

Australian Dream



Dien Bien Phu

Street Without Joy


Green 'Grunt' Machine

Raw War Recruits

Running On Empty


Just a Nasho

Nui Dat

'Hootchie' Homes

Company Cook

Aussie Army Issue


In the Jungle

Who Killed Errol Noack ?

On Patrol

Hey God!...What About Me?

The Enemy


Monsoonal Rain

Boyhood Games and Heroes


'Chairs Millionaires'

'Big Jack'

 Insects in the Sky

On Leave

Unlike the Movies

Battle of Long Tan

Xin Loi


The Horseshoe

Peasants of Vietnam

Body Count

The Medic


Known as VC


Forward Scout

The Base Wallah

Hills of Long Hai

Beyond the Wire

Wolverton Mountain

Mayfair Theatre

The Fence

Coral and Balmoral

The Team

Phantoms of the Jungle

Tree-Top Flyer

Hearts and Minds

All the Way

Battle of Binh Ba

‘Koala Bears’

A Letter From Dad

I Just Wanna Be

The Last Patrol

But Still

Tinges of Reds and Greens

Tunnel Rats

Duntroon Warriors

The ‘Blowfly’

A Just Reward

Membership Closed

Hunt for Fame and Glory


Debts We Owe

Coming Home

Fitting In

Fall of Saigon

A Matter of Attitude

Generation Gap

Anzac Day

Return of a Tiger

Circus Quota of Clowns

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Who Wears the Cost?



Ambush Near Hoi My

Hardest to Call

God, Queen and Country

Those Left Behind

On the Prowl

Early Days

Missing You

From Down Under

Déjà Vu

A New Brand of ‘Vets’

My Old ‘SLUR’

Mates I Once Knew

Long Overdue


‘The Grand’ Hotel

Cyclo Driver

Children of the Dust

Monkey on My Back

Minds Still Asleep

Broken Dreams in Dalat

Autumn Water

Dirty Hands

Ha Long Bay

Did Jane Fonda Care?

At the R.A.P.

One Crowded Hour

Man on the Moon

Tigers’ Lair

The Sally Man

Lucky Country

Keep Ya Hands Down

Sweet Revenge

Last April 25th

‘Chicken Hawks’

Pacing the Cage


Australia Day

Just Names on a Wall

Unbridled Ambition

Old Soldiers’ Games

Creepy Creatures

In Pubs and Clubs

Lepers in the Legend

I Tried But I Don’t

Rust Never Sleeps

Tiger Cages

In Conclusion (?)

Goin’ Home

Remembrance Day

Roll of Honour

Lest We Forget Vietnam

Bring Them Home

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APPENDICES (A-G):  History * Statistics * PTSD * Myths * Atrocities * Long Tan Analysis * Mines